About The Sacred Sound Meditation

About 15 years ago, I realized that my drumming was my meditation. It was my spiritual practice. When I drummed, it moved me instinctively to places deep inside of myself and far beyond myself at the same time. 

It easily followed that I found other musicians and sound workers who felt the same-- and to work with them to bring the sacred aspect of music to the listener was not only joyful, but it became my life calling. 

Recently I created the Sacred Sound Meditation where I could share the sacred and healing properties of music in a beautiful setting... sharing it with as many like-minded people as I could.

I'm glad you found us.


-David DiLullo

"Music calls the 'Deep unto the Deep'. It touches and opens every aspect of your subtle self... like the spring opening its first rose. And after a while there is no separation between you and the one."  - Anonymous


About David DiLullo

David DiLullo has led group meditations for physicians, staff, and patients at Kaiser Permanente and for employees at Genentech, SAP, eBay, Cisco and more. 

David created The Sacred Sound Meditation in San Jose to bring music for meditation and sound healing to as many people as possible.
With his company Global Drum Circles, he has introduced drumming as a wellness and "team-bonding" activity to Warner Brothers Records, AT&T, Yahoo!, eBay, SAP, Cisco, Genentech, Intel, Stanford University Graduate Business School, Volkswagen, the City of San Jose, the Canadian Consulate and more. David has also led drumming events for Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Cheri Huber.

As a percussionist, Dave brings unique sounds and motifs to the djembe, cajon, and frame drum. He has performed with Grammy nominated Steven Halpern, Bodhi Setchko, Jeff Oster, Shambhu, Stephen Kent, Grammy nominated bassist Michael Manring, Gypsy Soul, Rickie Byars Beckwith, Eddie Watkins Jr, Nadine Risha, Gina Sala, and many more. 

David is endorsed by drum companies Remo Inc. and Vic Firth Inc. He is also a shamanic practitioner having studied extensively with Michael Harner.

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